About us

Partnership brings results.

Who are we

»Askit d.o.o. is one of the leading Slovenian consulting and educational companies, which together with its business partners in the form of comprehensive and connected services cover the business needs of your business and your customers in the conditions of the new digital economy. “

Our mission

Constantly discover the future of business environments and successfully prepare companies for it.

Our guides

Ideas for opportunities
targets for results,
knowledge of resources,
synergy of partnership for success.

Our values

Being a good person and a good business partner.
Honesty. Trust. Freedom of choice.
Concern for the success of all participants.

What makes us different

We go beyond classic consulting and educational frameworks. We explore the business challenges and opportunities of companies comprehensively, also in terms of: related stakeholders, the characteristics of the digital economy and the measured benefits.

Our solutions

Our business solutions are the right combination of:

taking into account the trends and needs of stakeholders in your business ecosystem;

coherence and integration of business and digital strategy;

the connection between strategic orientations, business model and business goals;

balance between processes and customer experience with cost-effectiveness of internal processes;

the convergence of digital technologies and digital competencies of the workforce.

We cooperate with established international organizations

We work with business partners

Crea pro d.o.o. – Business Process Management (BPM)
Digital42 – Digital transformation, digital solutions
Katalea Consulting – Staff search
Kivi Com d.o.o. – Creative web solutions
Nastja Mulej s.p. – Thinking, Creativity, de Bono tools and techniques
Netica d.o.o. – BI, CRM
PDIVISION – Change management according to PROSCI methods
Trescon – Staff search

All on one place

Together with business partners, we provide you with answers to practically all questions of your business digital development.

You (ask) – we answer (it).

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