Business agility

Do you know the difference between business agility and agile project methods?
Are the sensibilities and flexibility of your organization sufficiently developed?
Is your organization more prepared than your competitors to adapt quickly to increasingly rapid changes in an increasingly complex business environment?
Do you know how to detect business opportunities in time?
Can you create (digital) value for customers? How quickly are you able to make internal changes? Are your processes LEAN?
Do you know how to carry out projects effectively? Do you use agile project methods?


We help you discover the hidden needs of your customers and create business opportunities related to them.

We innovate digital value with you.

We perform LEAN process optimization.

We are accelerating the implementation of changes.

We provide methods of effective project management and operation of modern agile project offices.

We help us with this:

With principles and methods of the Institute of Business Agility, of which we are members.

With principles and methods of the Institute for Business Analysis, of which we are also members.

With the principles and methods of classical and agile project methodologies. We are members of the Alliance of Agility.

With the principles and methods of providing an average customer experience. We are members of the association for customer experience.

With a business partner who has the highest regional certificate for implementing changes after PROSCI methodologies.

We are trusted by the following organizations

Strategy and competitiveness

Mlekarna Celea  / Petrol / Turna  /  Tuš / Dars / Hit / KD Group / Brinox / KMK Box

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