Capabilities and competencies

Do we know what new capabilities and competencies we need to do business in the digital economy?
Are we developing the organization’s capabilities in line with strategic goals and business digital transformation?
Are we developing our staff in line with strategic goals and and business digital transformation?
Have we tested the level of development of digital competencies of our employees and based on the results made a plan for their acquisition?
Are we developing digital talents?
How much time do employees spend acquiring digital competencies? Can employees transfer the acquired knowledge into their business activities?


We perform testing of your organization’s digital capabilities and prepare a plan for their employee development.
Together with our partners, we test the digital competencies of your employees and help prepare a plan for their acquisition.
Competence development: together with our partners, we provide a comprehensive set of training to raise the competencies of your employees in accordance with strategic goals.
We help develop an above-average employee experience (Ex).

We use:

Test of digital capabilities of the organization.
Digital competence tests.

Digital education and workshops (.pdf).

Other training and education (.pdf).

Project management (.pdf).

A partnership network with a wide range of other training, education and practical workshops.
Principles of employee experience development (Ex).

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Strategy and competitiveness

Petrol / Danfoss Trata / Iskra Mehanizmi / Tosama / Medis / AciesBio / Butan plin / Abanka / NLB / Gorenjska banka / Telekom / Managerska Akademija Gorenje / Filc / Vip mobile / ArcelorMittal / Ruđer Bošković Institute

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