Digital business transformation

Do you understand the needs of your customers well enough and know their travels?
Do you analyze your customer experience?
Can you innovate digital business models? What about conducting experiments?
Are you developing an organization’s digital culture? Do you know what its basic characteristics are?
Do you know how to connect the needs of your customers, optimize the business of your organization and use the capabilities of digital technologies / solutions?
How do we prove business viability in digital solutions / projects?


Establish business digital transformation management.

We help you innovatively connect the needs of your customers, optimize business processes and successfully implement projects using the capabilities of digital technologies and digital solutions.

We also help you innovate digital business models.

We carry out a test of the development of digital culture and prepare a plan for its development to support business digital transformation.

We train you to assess business viability in digital projects and provide the foundations for their successful implementation by realizing digital value for stakeholders.

We use the model:

House of Digital Business

Concept and model of digital transformation

Digital culture test:
we perform an assessment of the development of your digital culture

Management of digital initiatives and projects:
eligibility of investments (digital business case), priority criteria, comparison of planned and realized business effects.

Administration of digital projects:
analytical process pre-preparation. training and mentoring participants in digital projects, providing appropriate project methodology (classic or agile or a combination), monitoring the success of the project.

Change management:
provide methods for implementing business changes.

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Digital business transformation

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Petrol / Steklarna Hrastnik / Butan plin / Skupina Tuš / Salus / Nektar natura / A1
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