New state incentives for the digitalisation of MSP

If you are a micro, small or medium enterprise and want to: 1. systematically and comprehensively develop your digital future; 2. improve the digital competencies of its employees; 3. protect against digital intrusions; 4. Improve the image of your company and draw customers to yourself digitally, while taking advantage of government grants up to EUR 9,999, then do not delay too long.

Why are digital vouchers still important? If you are planning to apply for the P4D – Digital Transformation (April 2021) tender, with the help of which you can obtain up to 100,000 euros in state grants, then vouchers will be useful for good preparation and for obtaining additional points.

More information can be found on the website of the Digital Innovation Hub of Slovenia; or on the website of an individual voucher:

Contractors under these vouchers can only be professionals enrolled in DIHS catalogue.

Askit d.o.o. expert Aleš Štempihar is entered in the catalog Digital Strategy and Digital Competences. So far, we have helped obtain and successfully carry out vouchers for over 20 companies. Digital strategies are published at DIHS as examples of good practice. We are also one of only two companies with a rating of 5/5 in the catalog.

In the field of digital marketing and cyber security, we work with close business partners and in cooperation with them we can also provide you with this service.

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