Strategy and competitiveness

Do you have an integrated business and digital strategy?
Is it adapted to the digital economy?
How did you ensure the successful implementation of the digital strategy?
Do you know how well prepared you are to compete with digital competition?
Do you systematically develop and manage the competitiveness of your organization?


We develop a business and / or digital strategy appropriate to the digital economy and integrate them. We can also provide custody of its implementation.

We perform a test of your organization’s digital maturity and a competitiveness test. We are preparing an action plan to improve your results.

We use:

The principle of coherence and close connection of business and digital strategy.
Digital maturity assessment tests and business potential development test – capabilities for competitiveness in the digital economy.
Business systems analysis: we focus on identifying the need to change the strategy and on establishing the conditions for achieving strategic goals.
Putting strategies into practice: we encourage the implementation of written strategy and strategic goals in the business of your organization.
Competitiveness management: we are establishing comprehensive and active competitiveness management, which is undoubtedly one of the fundamental elements of the success of any organization.
Business Process Management: We create the conditions for business process management that allows your organization to adapt more quickly to change and customers.
Capacity management: we help organizations establish mechanisms for the planned development of its capabilities.

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Strategy and competitiveness

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