Askit is an ideal business partner for all those organizations and companies that want to:

seize the opportunities offered by the digital economy;

be business agile, which means, above all, constant readiness for positive changes in order to constantly create new value for customers and employees;

constantly exceed the expectations of its customers;

build connecting business ecosystems;

build lasting competitiveness based on a balance between customer experience and business profitability.

If you recognize yourself, we are the right business partner for you!

Business is done by people, trust as well.

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The following organizations have already trusted us

Strategy and competitiveness

Mlekarna Celea  / Petrol / Turna  /  Tuš / Dars / Hit / KD Group / Brinox / KMK Box

Business digital transformation

Petrol / Steklarna Hrastnik / Butan plin / Skupina Tuš / Salus / Nektar natura / A1 / Numip / Turna / CRMT / Dukart / Alpod / Rogač / Fortis / Orač / Grafex / Rajbi / Hermes Solutions / Trgotur / DIHS / GZS IKT Hr / SRIP Hrana / MJU / MDDSZ / Združenje Manager

Capabilities and competencies

Petrol / Danfoss Trata / Iskra Mehanizmi / Tosama / Medis / AciesBio / Butan plin / Abanka / NLB / Gorenjska banka / Telekom / Managerska Akademija Gorenje / Filc / Vip mobile / ArcelorMittal / Ruđer Bošković Institute

Business agility

Danfoss Trata  /  Saubermacher Slovenija / Butan plin / Numip / Iskratel

We have already been trusted by the following directors and board members

  • Tomaž Berločnik, President of the Management Board Petrol, 01 47 14 234, renewal of IT strategy in connection with business strategy, optimization of processes, introduction of digital business (also the organization Petrol digital day).
  • Peter Čas, President of the Management Board Steklarna Hrastnik, 03 56 54 600, process optimization, ERP renovation.
  • Tomaž Grm, President of the Management Board Butan Plin, 01 588 98 00, transformation into a customer-oriented organization
  • Marjan Jakob, director, 041 726 500 Mlekarna Celeia: strategy renewal; crisis project management after the phase of transition of business information solutions into regular production.
  • Miha Lavrič, former General Manager of Skupine SALUS, 041 737 905, Strategic Process Optimization and IS Renewal.
  • Jože Lenič, President of the Board, 014718112, Abankad.d., business value of project management.
  • (Matjaž Gantar), Gabrijel Škof, 01 518 41 00, KD Group d.d., AS: strategic customer segmentation project.
  • Andraž Tuš, President of the Management Board, Tuš Group, 059 73 3000: strategic workshop, digitalisation of trade
  • Vladimir Pogač, director, 051 43 20 08, Turna d.o.o .: business renovation and digital strategy development.
  • Tine Ogorevc, director NUMIP d.o.o., 051 341 317, business optimization, digital strategy.
  • Matjaž Štefan, director Alpod d.o.o., 01 70 71 410: digital strategy development
  • Rudi Horvat, director, 02 6202-350 or Robi Čajič, executive director, 051 330 445, Saubermacher Slovenija d.o.o .: linking processes with strategy, process optimization and IT renovation; business agility.
  • Mojca Šimnic Šolinc, Tomaž Brdnik, 01 729 02 04, Tosama d.o.o.: business decision analysis
  • Drago Podobnik, former President of the Management Board of HIT d.d., 051 687 687: process optimization – savings, opportunities.
  • Tomaž Lah, director, 041 651 881, Nektar natura: process optimization and information renewal.
  • Željko Puljič, now President of the Management Board Iskratel, (0) 4 207 2000, former member of the Management Board of Telekom Slovenije d.d .: coordination and reporting on the program of the most important projects, project reporting concept for the Management Board and the Supervisory Board, modern project office concept, program management 5 strategic projects.
  • Aleksander Mervar, President of the Management Board, 01 474 25 01, Eles d.o.o., processes and renovation of business informatics
  • Iztok Seničar, President of the Management Board, 041 647 145, Kovintrade d.d .: project preparation and selection phase of a comprehensive business information solution and provider (SAP, Oracle, Navision).
  • Slobodan Vučićević, former President of the Management Board of Droga Kolinska d.d .: draft establishment of a center of excellence; reorganization and guidelines for strategic IT development; assessment of maintenance contracts and suitability of external IT contractors, stewardship of a strategically important project profitability in the whole group.
  • Borut Meh, former President of the Management Board, 01 470 41 00, HSE d.o.o .: process inventory project, consolidation of IT in the group, preparation of a tender for the selection of a comprehensive business information solution.
  • Mateja Duhovnik, former President of the Management Board of DARS d.d .: strategy renewal and preparation of a strategic plan.
  • Aram Oktavijan, Member of the Management Board and Assistant Director for Strategic Affairs, 051 689 685, Energoplan Group: consulting in the field of business process renewal, business organization, project management optimization.
  • Igor Pristavec, director, 01 365 82 00, Prigo, d.o.o., process optimization and business informatics renovation
  • Darko Korbar, Adviser to the Director, 041 787 202, formerly Jožef Stefan Institute: Renovation of Business Informatics
  • Bojana Sonnenwald, now in TSmedia, d.o.o., 041 652 448, formerly director of Teledat, d.o.o .: linking strategy and process optimization; optimization of cooperation with external IT contractor according to IIBA approaches.
  • Zvone Hrovat, director; (01) 582 33 00, Donit Tesnit, d.o.o.: renovation of business information support.
  • Melita Rebič, director, 04 51 30 100, Odeja Škofja Loka: assessment of the suitability of the IT contractor and solutions.

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