Second opinion on your digital initiatives

Second opinion – how to achieve even more results of digital business transformations / projects

We all know the term “second opinion” well from the health care system. We use it especially when something is really important for our health and therefore we need another opinion of a specialist or expert in a given field. The “second opinion” service is also used in complex legal situations and important financial decisions, where we want to insure ourselves further.

What about using the “second opinion” service in the field of digital business transformations / projects?

In the field of digital business transformations, this service has not been detected in Slovenia so far. And this despite the presence of all three previously mentioned reasons at the same time. Namely, digital business transformations and / or digital projects are about:

  • a set of business development activities of organizations that will have a decisive impact on their business health in the future;
  • twice the important financial situation, as a lot of financial and other resources of the organization are invested in the transformation, and it is planned to obtain financial and other benefits with high profitability;
  • the presence of a high level of complexity and thus a strong risk of implementation failure, as shown by numerous international studies and practices of transformations already carried out.

So when do you need a second opinion?

We recommend a second opinion in the following situations:

  • if you would like a review of your digital strategy;
  • if you would like to measure or are adequately prepared for the digital business transformation;
  • when you have prepared a draft content and business plan for digital business transformation;
  • when you have prepared for a concrete digital project;
  • if you choose between different consultants or contractors of digital business transformation / projects;
  • if you want to minimize the risks of failure;
  • if we want to raise the profitability of digital projects;
  • when you may already be in trouble implementing a digital business transformation / project;
  • when you want an independent assessment of the performance and results of an already implemented digital business transformation or digital project;
  • if you have properly prepared the application for various tenders in the field of digital.

So the need for this service definitely exists!

In view of the above, it would be desirable and useful for the “second opinion” service to be used by practically every prudent organization / company, regardless of size and industry. This is not a matter of possible distrust in its internal staff or in the already selected external consultant and / or contractors of digital business transformations, but a decision that will benefit all participants.

In addition to professionalism, the second opinion must also be cohesive, collaborative and co-creative, all with the aim of providing all participants with as many business benefits and added value as possible.

We charge for our services only in the case of added value.

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What proves our high professionalism?


Askit has been engaged in business-digital transformations since 2013, when we mapped out one of the first customer trips in Slovenia for a medium-sized service company. The first reference in larger companies was in 2015 Petrol d.d., which was followed by the expansion of digital in Slovenia and a number of other projects in small and medium-sized companies in various industries.


Digital Disruption: Digital Transformation Strategies (2022, University of Cambridge), Digital strategies for business leading the next-generation enterprise (2019), Certificate of excellence – Digital business transformation management (2018); BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Change (2014).


for the creation of digital strategies since the establishment of the 2018 catalog.


We also draw international knowledge and digital concepts from cooperation with The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), Business Agility Institute (BAI), Agile Allianca, IIBA Slovenia, Digital42 and other independent professional organizations.

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